Hey Sis!

Do you know that you are powerful and strong? 

I bet you do because you're dope like that!!!  Woman are beautiful, audacious, resilient, wise, and vibrant. And though we are natural born warriors, there is an inner child yearning to be validated, heard, accepted, or loved. As a woman, we are tasked with doing it all, all the time. And because that is the expectation, whether placed on us by another individual or ourselves, we get it done! In getting it all done for everyone else, we often forget to take care of ourselves. 

That's where I come in!


Together we will create the shift. 

My calling is to boost your energy, raise your self-awareness, and assist you in keeping  your values, goals, and  beliefs aligned with your actions. We all need something in place to counteract the little voice that discourages us from getting shit done and being our best self. Together we can challenge the beliefs that are dimming your light and access your full potential (a.k.a more dopeness)!  


Rediscover You.

Something else about the worksheets that makes them interested in downloading, but at least more than one line of stuff so that it can be on the same level as the other side.

What we can do together:

I bet you've been hearing a lot about coaching and you're wondering if coaching is for you! Well, Im going to tell you "it ain't for everybody"! If you're ready to be vulnerable, challenge yourself, and be open to trusting your own growth, coaching might be for you! There's only one way to find out...

Hit me up!

Get your girlfriends together

Friends that coach together, grow together! Instead of going to the club, bar, or falling asleep on the couch from drinking too much Pinot, grab your closest girlfriends and host a group coaching session!


What this looks like...

Bring the pose together for a 3.0 hour night of insight, discovery, and laughter through activities and authentic conversations. You can choose your topic or contact me to learn about popular topics for coaching. Together we will tap into your power to create the shift you need to attract the life you want to live. 

Group Coaching & Live Coaching

Are you looking to gather women from your organization, church, etc. and need a host? Find out more about group coaching and coaching for events.  


What this looks like...

A group of women come together to work on a specific area in their life. As a coach I will provide a series of exercises, discussions, etc. to shift participants 

Make room for acceptance

If you're like me, and many other women out there, you have a few moments in your life where you swore Mama Badu was talking about you in her song Bag Lady! Girl..I've been there...done that!


What this looks like...

Clear Regret and make room for acceptance with my Making Room Coaching Series. This coaching series addresses the luggage you carry in the form of beliefs, behaviors, and sometimes relationships you have others. You may arrive with a few bags to check-in and by the time you complete the series, you'll just have carry-on!

*this is also offered for groups

Mama's cup Host

Mommy work is hard work and every mom needs a tribe to help them (and their children) survive motherhood!!! Bring MaMa's Cup to your area by being a host.  


What this looks like...

MaMa's Cup is a social and supportive gathering for mothers. 

"She remembered who she was and the game changed." -Lalah Deliah


A little something about Eleven11 Coaching

My purpose is to inspire and assist women with connecting to their best and true self!! I have the ability to hear what you're not saying, identifying the core of what you really want, and assist you in accessing the answers that already live inside of you!  I represent energy, awareness, and light. My intentions are to support your personal growth by raising your awareness (calling you out on your stuff), holding you accountable, and challenging the beliefs that no longer serve you.

lindsay jackson life coaching

Why the name Eleven11?:

I am a spiritual being and I often allow the universe to guide me. One day I started catching the clock at 11:11. Once I acknowledged it, I couldn't stop seeing it!  I even noticed it on my receipts, random license plates, business store fronts, counters, etc. I was seeing the number everywhere and I knew it was a sign for something POWERFUL!!! So I went straight to Google!!!! LOL!!!!

The number 11:11 has a plethora of meanings but there are only a few that resonate with me and my purpose in doing this work. The first meaning that had me in the living room doing the cabbage patch is "to encourage you to look at new beginnings". I am all about new beginnings! I encourage self-compassion, reminding you that we can always start again. I know I am an unfinished product and new beginnings and being kind to myself provide me with opportunities to generate innovative ideas, to practice forgiveness, and to connect intuitively with my higher-self and the world around me. Eleven11coaching represents new beginnings and new perspectives! Women who work with me choose to start a new beginning and are willing to get comfortable with being uncomfortable; that is where all the growth happens!  It's challenging to navigate your path with a foggy compass. Our work together will allow you to polish the glass and be clear on your direction and intentions.


The second meaning of 11:11 that spoke to me is "A Code of Activation" and working with a coach is about activating action, insight, and awareness. When I was in therapy, yes therapy (you better try it!) I initially said it didn't work for me. That judgement changed after I looked at the culprit, which was me; I wasn't doing the work! I was feeling stuck, powerless, and defeated and when those type of emotions became my wardrobe, I had to change the fit! There was something in me that needed to be activated and it was reflection and accountability that lead me to the openness and willingness to take action.

Maybe you can relate sis, maybe you know what it feels like to be in quicksand; wanting to make a move but some invisible force is pulling you back. Maybe there is something you need to set in motion and working with an accountability partner will not only keep you on task but ignite the energy you need to get s#!*t done!

After discovering the symbolism, I knew Eleven11 was the perfect fit for my business.

If permitted, I will join you on your journey of vulnerability and self-discovery.

Realign your perspective. Rediscover your purpose.

looking at water

If you change the way you look at things, the things you look at change.

-Wayne Dyer

MaMa's Cup

Before I AM a Life Coach, I AM a mama! I have a six year old daughter and she has changed my world ever since the day she arrived. Motherhood is a full-time job and though I love the beauty in being a mom, sometimes that mess is overwhelming, frustrating, confusing, and draining. I know that in order to be my best self for myself and for my daughter, my self-care has to be intense! MaMa's need to replenish and recharge.

MaMa's Cup is a live event for moms who are looking to connect with other moms, laugh, pick up a few tips, and even drop a few "F" bombs when talking about their children! MaMa's Cup is the self-care you need in your life! Check in for upcoming dates!

This blog is part of my self-care and an extension of MaMa's Cup!!! Enjoy

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